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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

It's Launched!!


This is probably the last ever posting on this blog. But just to let everyone and anyone know that the official website has launched and you really really really should check it out. Go to and for the rest of time, it will help everyone find cool things to do/see/eat/smell/touch...etc, in London! Good times.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Yooooooo! Thought I'd throw another entry out to cyber space, just in case there are a few people following this blog.

An update. Right now the website is being programmed by our good friends at Peppercorn. All the designs are done, now they are waving their magic wand and making the previously still images come to life. Something like in a Disney film. It should be all "up, up, and away" by xmas, but they haven't promised, so we might even be missing the holiday season and heading for a launch in the new year. 

For now though, I think we're going to focus on writing a few more entries on our world famous blog. So stick around, cause this blog could actually make all the difference to the site when it's launch. 


Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The official Website *trumpets*

Long time no blog. Good news! We are launching the website in (and this is hoping) early November 2008. Now everyone will be able to sign up, create a profile, share their London discoveries and communicate. The site is costing an arm and a toe so please go on there, check it out when we're live and you should find it useful. 

The site is coming along all lovely jubbly, if your feeling extra time wealthy, send a nice thank you message to our friends over at! 

Enjoy the site people. It's all for you so I hope you find it useful. If you have any suggestions, please contact us. 

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Put Your Guns Down....Pick Your Dukes Up!

Street Crime. The latest topic YNG LDN has issues with. It’s not cool, but it’s not going anywhere anytime soon, despite what the suits do. We, the most fashionable bad ass city in the world set example’s for other cities to follow, and when someone like Leona, with the worldwide fame and success she’s got in her short career already, says “Most of my friends have been shot, stabbed or beaten up, it’s part of being young in London”, it’s not good! In a paralell universe she could be saying “Being rich, socialising and talking to your neighbours is just part of being young in London”. It’s only how we act that changes the word’s people use when describing our city and our culture. I’d like to see a piece of advertising that shows the picture of a gat next to the Facebook logo, reading “which is more popular?”. Doesn’t take a genius, but the comparison has got to that level. Although, for people that don’t get involved with all the “I’ma bad maaan” shiznit, it’s only gonna leave you in a better position in later life. Just think, when applying for a job, loan or mortgage (pretty essential things when we all grown up) you’ll be able to tick “no” in the any convictions box, which will replace “Name” as the first question asked. You’ll glance over and 10 people in the same room filling out the same quetionnaire will be listing their convictions, asking for the person next to them what the letters are for “stabbing the breddah, but he was aight” are, and getting the perfectly correct answer.
Enjoy your brand new house! (or job, or loan!).

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Mr Jay Z to grace Glastonbury?

A “New York Rapper” has been reported as one of the Glastonbury acts this year. Erm, where can I purchase my ticket!? There are tons of “New York” rappers out there at the moment, but most of the press believe the suspect to fit the description of a rather talented individual who probably has butlers to make sure there’s no dirt on his shoulder. My Jay-Z (izzle) of course, is the superstar in question, and I gota say, I can’t see it being any one else. Really, he fits the bill for the crowd, his lyrics are imaginative, his style is innovative, and his skills are undoubtedly obvious, even for people who don’t rate Hip-Hop as a music genre. His also quite well known in the Alternative/Rock music scenes for his work with Linkin Park and more recently a new copy of 99 Problems with Fall Out Boy. I can’t see it being anyone else either. His main rival for “Global Domination” comes in the form of American currency, and I don’t think Mr Cent will want more piss thrown at him like the Reading Music Festival (Video Link, you can see the piss around the 29 second mark! AHHHA HHHAAHHAAA hahhahhaaa), the last time he attempted to conquer our shores in person. Jay Z would be perfect for Glastonbury, because I think Glastonbury could be perfect for him. A smart move me thinks.

Thursday, 31 January 2008

The "Dole Life"

As Kanye West famously proclaims “Welcome to the Good Life!”. In this short little discussion, YNG LDN will provide those of you who are unaware of the beauty the Dole has to offer, what you could be doing with a spare 20 minutes on Monday at 2.20pm. “So, I just sign this piece of paper, tell you I’ve been looking for a job and you give me £90 every two weeks?”…….”Yep”. There it is. I’ve been looking for a job ever since I graduated from Greenwich Uni, but with my current job (signing the paper), why would I want to leave? I’ve got job security, my coworkers make me feel good when I’m at the office (drunk people are reaaaallly friendly sometimes!) and I’m able to buy Sushi with my wages (amongst the top 20% in the world). Ok, my car requires the skills of a Sainsbury’s Car Washing Expert, and Diesel Jeans are a months earnings, but until I’m the fully robotic employee I envision for my near future, why not!? Hopefully, I’ll become a millionaire blogging, or simply Youtubing my way to the “Good Life” Kanye really meant, but until then, I’ll continue to get Yo! to Go! for lunch.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

It Can't be A New Era Forever....Can It?

Is it still a New Era? Young London wear these hats like they're stuck to our heads, but are we still gona keep buying them for the foreseeable future? My guess….yes. The designs are even more gangsta now than the original A-Town ones that flooded our shores after Usher started throwing around like they weren’t worth £25 a pop. My latest favourite has got to be Tube Map London (creative name I know!). Be warned visiting their website, every time you visit it will ask for the country your in, and searching for hat designs using names but no images, is nothing but useless. Instead visit the London Store. If like me, at some point you thought it might be a good idea to sell some New Era hats, don’t. I called them 3 times in a week, being promised every time that someone would call me back to open an account, and I got air. Maybe, they don’t really want you to have their hats….